Three young entrepreneurs rely on the DXCargo

Earlybird is a Zurich-based start-up that delivers fresh meals to the workplace. The dynamic young company was founded a good year ago by three business administration graduates. The goal is to become the best food delivery service in Switzerland. KYBURZ vehicles play a decisive role in this.

earlybird team mit KYBURZ DXCargo

"Our competitors ride out meals on bicycles or mopeds. They all run their own repair workshops. We don't, we use the maintenance-free KYBURZ electric vehicles".

Earlybird are stationed on the Zurich wholesale market. This means that the food can be obtained fresh every day. Earlybird thus guarantees its customers a maximum taste experience.

With KYBURZ, they have found a partner who can adapt the electric vehicles to their needs. "Active cooling of the transported goods is extremely important to us. Our tailor-made superstructures have such a cooling function and draw both the energy and the motor from the first-class battery," says Thomas Bösch, one of the company's three founders.

The three young entrepreneurs are also innovative and sustainable when it comes to packaging. The aim is to produce as little waste as possible. In KYBURZ, the three friends have found a perfect partner for delivery who not only produces the perfect vehicles, but also fits in with the company's philosophy.

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Logistics in urban agglomerations presents companies with changing challenges. With the DXCargo, KYBURZ Switzerland is redefining urban delivery over the last mile.

What is required is the demand-oriented use of reliable and safe vehicles for collection and delivery at low TCO.

The newly developed chassis with a larger wheelbase makes it possible to build up vehicles designed for a volume of 1 m3 and a payload of 200 kg.