The best quality for KYBURZ Switzerland AG customers: Quality Management System according to ISO 9001.

KYBURZ Switzerland AG’s Quality Management System has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 2014. This system guarantees that the existing high quality of KYBURZ products can always be further improved and as a result generates a direct benefit for our customers. Each year an independent auditor visits KYBURZ Switzerland AG to assess its Quality Management System and to identify any potential for improvement. This guarantees that the ISO 9001 standard is complied with and that the company is constantly developing.

The quality policy of KYBURZ Switzerland AG is as follows:

Our guiding principle:

We are committed to constantly improving the quality of our products and services - every individual in their field.

We ensure the outstanding quality of our products by:

  • Use high-quality materials and components;
  • Choose reliable suppliers that have functioning quality management systems;
  • Monitor the error rate and take action if necessary;
  • Go with the vigilant eye through the company, point to malpractice, and train employees accordingly;
  • register incidents affecting quality and initiate appropriate measures;
  • comply with all legal and binding requirements;
  • Improve us continuously.

A PDF version of the ISO 9001 certificate can be downloaded here.

The efficient use of resources and a long-term orientation on reducing negative impacts on the environment: ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

With the reintegration of the previously outsourced production of the postal vehicles at the Freienstein site in 2014, the workforce at KYBURZ Switzerland AG have gone to great lengths to deal with the environmental aspects of the company. They focussed on the health and safety of the company’s employees, following an efficient waste concept as well as minimising the impact on the environment.

The environmental policy of KYBURZ Switzerland AG is as follows:

Our guiding principle:

We are committed to polluting our environment as little as possible - each individual in his/her own area.


We help to protect the environment, by:

  • choosing environmentally friendly components for our vehicles;
  • oosing environmentally certified suppliers;
  • paying attention to our energy consumption and favouring CO2-neutral energy sources;
  • disposing of materials properly;
  • noting the annual energy consumption and taking stock of the consumption of resources on an annual basis;
  • keeping a watchful eye on the company, addressing grievances and training our employees accordingly;
  • recording incidents and impacts on the environment and taking the appropriate measures;
  • continuously improving our environmental impact.
  • comply with all legal requirements and as binding for us;
  • Continuously improve our environmental impact.

The following illustration shows the ecological footprint of KYBURZ Switzerland AG.

ecological footprint 2017

Ecological footprint 2018

A PDF version of the ISO 14001 certificate can be downloaded here.