KYBURZ eTrolley 7+1

eTrolley - The electric trolley

The KYBURZ eTrolley is a delivery cart with emission free electric drive system. It is designed in cooperation with known delivery institutions for efficient operation in city delivery.

A fixed rear axle, two moving wheels at the front and an additional curb-climbing-wheel make it flexible and easy to manoeuver. The delivery cart is fitted with lithium batteries and a powerful 500W motor. Individual tweaking here and there have turned this electric trolley into the perfect tool.

Powerful, practical and sturdy it literally lightens the postman’s workload.

Overview of the technical specs

Maximum speed 6 km/h
Range 10 - 20 km
Load up to 120 kg
Climbing capacity up to 30 %
Width 580 mm - 680 mm
Batteries Li-Ion, maintenance free
Motor DC with 1 kW peak performance

Information available to download

The various versions of the eTrolley

KYBURZ eTrolley 7+1
eTrolley 7+1
KYBURZ eTrolley 4BG+
eTrolley 4BG+
KYBURZ eTrolley Box
eTrolley Box
KYBURZ eTrolley 4BG / 8BG
eTrolley 4BG / 8BG
KYBURZ eTrolley Base
eTrolley Base
KYBURZ eTrolley Table
eTrolley Table