Renato Ercolani vor dem Post Hauptgebäude in Bern

The advantage of the threewheel vehicle was obvious

Renato Ercolani is responsible for the management of letter delivery vehicles at Swiss Post. He explains why the KYBURZ DXP is the perfect delivery vehicle.

"Swiss post was and is very open to test new technologies."

How did the first contact with KYBURZ occur?
That was in 2008 when I was invited to a presentation at “Post Company Cars”, a subsidiary of Swiss Post. Martin Kyburz presented an electric vehicle and wanted to convince us of its qualities for postal delivery.

What was your first impression of the DXP at that time?
It wasn't the DXP yet. The KYBURZ CLASSIC DX, at the time the top model for the private market was presented to us. I liked the vehicle right away. The obvious advantages made sense to me. We ended the meeting with the agreement, that this vehicle would be tested immediately in the Ostermundigen mail delivery district.

Where did you see the potential of this delivery vehicle?
In the three wheels and in the automatic parking brake. I knew that the constant "jacking up" of the two-wheeled scooters was exhausting during delivery, and that the stands were repeatedly damaged. Besides that, the postmen with their two-wheeled motorbikes and heavy trailers were often in danger on slippery roads during winter. The advantage of the three-wheel concept was obvious.

Were there any doubts at the beginning?
Doubts are always present in the evaluation of new-built, not yet proven vehicles. In the case of KYBURZ, questions soon appeared about economic efficiency: Could the higher acquisition costs be justified compared to the good prices for petrol-powered scooters? The integration of the necessary transport crates was still open for the demonstration model.

Did you have to convince the postal service?
No, not regarding the vehicle. Swiss Post was and is very open to testing new technologies. The topic of electro mobility was present at the time; Swiss Post used two-wheeled electric scooters already. KYBURZ's offer fitted in well with the company’s strategy of environmental and sustainable aspects. Afterwards, we had to convince the responsible authorities regarding acquisition costs. That wasn't very difficult, because the DXP and its efficiency spoke for itself.

When did you realize this would be the future vehicle for last mile delivery?
As I told, personally my feeling was positive right from the start. An important milestone was the test in Grindelwald, where three DXPs were tested during one winter. The postmen were not happy when they first saw the vehicles, but when the test was over, they didn't want to return them. This was a strong indication and the results of my profitability calculation clearly speeded up the project.

How close was the contact with the delivery staff during the test?
Of course, close support and assistance is very important during such a project. I visited the delivery staff on site and asked for their opinions, suggestions and experience reports personally. The staff was very motivated to participate and provided useful input.

Has the cooperation between KYBURZ and Swiss Post changed over the years?

Of course, the time period for the implementation of changes is no longer the same today as it was in the beginning. But that's in the nature of things: today we're no longer talking about two or three vehicles, but more than 6000. However, KYBURZ still respond quickly to our wishes. Usually, “Post Company Cars”, our fleet management company, negotiates with KYBURZ, but sometimes I have personal contact to Martin Kyburz. His willingness and ability to react immediately is still assured. Looking back, there was no problem, which we could not talk about and solve.

Do you have wishes concerning the company or the DXP?

From the KYBURZ company I wish the continuation of the good cooperation, reliable quality of vehicles and further progress in communication. An important skill when dealing with a large corporation. As far as the DXP is concerned, the vehilce is in a very good position today. Small changes and improvements will certainly continue to be made in the future. Of course, improvements in efficiency (power consumption, range) and also in economy (prices of vehicles and spare parts) are always welcome.

What is the position of DXP in 25 years?
Whew! The DXP in 25 years? You will certainly drive it a whole long day without charging the batteries and you will laugh about today's range. Maybe you will put more mail on the vehicle and carry an even bigger trailer. We are aware of the fact that the cargo load can't be big enough to be economical - when working with it in the neighborhoods, the same vehicle can't be handy and maneuverable enough. These different requirements will always be contradictory.

KYBURZ DXP 5 mit Anhänger PAH