Australischer DXP vor Tasmanischer Kulisse

KYBURZ DXP in down under: DXP proves itself in Australian climate

Australia: almost twice the size of Europe and a population scattered far across the continent, in urban but also very remote areas - 11.7 million letterboxes. In addition, there are extreme weather conditions and impassable terrain. Australia Post is facing unique challenges in postal delivery - with the KYBURZ DXPs on the "last mile".

Mich Buxton vor seinem DXP

"These new vehicles will assist us in our progress towards meeting our environmental targets."

Mitch Buxton 

Throughout its more than 200-year history, Australia Post has always used a mix of vehicles to deliver to the customers and communities they serve. Like all other postal providers, Australia Post has made changes to adapt to the global shift away from letters towards eCommerce and parcels, and with an eye firmly fixed to the future, is incorporating the KYBURZ DXP into its last mile delivery fleet.

"Eevees" for the Posties
150 electric vehicles from Freienstein, or "Eevees" (e-vehicles), as they have been nicknamed by Australia Post “posties” – are operating on Australian streets. (Last update: october 2018) They are helping Australia Post identify how it can better use its existing last-mile delivery team as eCommerce continues to grow. "The rise of online shopping and digital communication has meant that the products our customers are sending and receiving through our network is changing,” says Mitch Buxton, Head of Network Optimisation, Australia Post.

"We have a great team and we’re committed to providing our people with sustainable employment, so we’re always looking at how we can change and improve the way we do things so we can stay relevant and valued by our customers. One of the things we’ve done is a review of our equipment and processes to make sure that we have capacity to support increased parcel volumes – the introduction of the KYBURZ vehicle is one way we are doing this.".

Perfect for delivery of small parcels
Online shopping in Australia grew by 19.2 per cent last year, bringing a significant increase in parcels. Australia Post has chosen the KYBURZ DXP for the operational benefits it offers, allowing posties to carry more small parcels and also to collect mail from street posting boxes. With three times the carrying capacity of the current motorbike, the KYBURZ DXP allows posties to carry up to 100 small parcels and 1200 letters.

"For us, improving our operations is important but the safety of our people is our number one priority. Not only do the eevees allow our posties carry more mail but they keep them safer,” explains Mitch Buxton, "the stability of the trike, the speed-limiter, and its overhead canopy which protects riders from the elements are three obvious safety benefits over motorcycles". The tours have also been changed. Mitch Buxter is delighted: "The new vehicles require new routes, and we’ve seen a 37 per cent reduction in transit travel time and around a 15 per cent reduction in total kilometres travelled due to our re designed delivery model".

Suspended seat and reversing camera
Australia Post and KYBURZ have modified the DXP to include a number of additional features to suit the needs of local posties. These features include a suspension seat, integrated speedometer including a dash and reversing camera, additional brake and indicator lights, handbrake locking mechanism and storage locking system to reduce the chance of mail theft.

"Given the size of our delivery fleet we are conscious of our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment. These new vehicles will assist us in our progress towards meeting our environmental targets," says Mitch Buxton.

Above all, the KYBURZ DXP is helping to ensure the role of the postie will be as relevant tomorrow as it is today by assisting Australia Post to meet demand as parcel volumes continue increase each year. Mitch Buxton: "The introduction of the
"Eevees" will play an important role in ensuring the much loved Australia Post postie is around for many years to come."

Der DXP ist wendig und schmal.