KYBURZ Fleet Box

Fleet-Box for all vehicles: KYBURZ-Fleet-Management-System becomes more and more sophisticated

Watch the screen in the office to see how high the engine temperature is? "The KYBURZ Fleet Management System can transmit almost all data from vehicles. Managers of large vehicle fleets are amazed at the solutions from Hanspeter Wepfer and his team.

KYBURZ Fleet Management Team

"The knowledge of a fleet is central!"

"Do we have a signal from this vehicle?" A vehicle fleet is equipped with the KYBURZ Fleet Management System. The black boxes are no bigger than a pack of cigarettes. But they have it in them: they store data on position, battery temperature, electricity or fuel consumption, battery voltage, engine temperature, distances travelled and much more. "We connect the mobile vehicles with the cloud so that the data can be retrieved," says project manager Hanspeter Wepfer (pictured in the middle).



Keeping data for ten years
Trucks are also equipped with a digital tachograph, which records the driver's working and rest times. This data must be archived for ten years. The KYBURZ Fleet Box can do this automatically and, if required, also send the data from the separate recording device for the LSVA (performance-dependent heavy vehicle fee).

"The knowledge about a fleet is central", says Hanspeter Wepfer, "with our professional software you can save a lot of money". He sees great potential in Switzerland in particular, because many companies still manage their fleets of up to 1000 vehicles using Excel tables.

App for ecological driving
For an ecological driving style, there is the Eco-Drive App, which informs the driver about his driving style and possible optimisation potential. "The driver should be able to compare his driving style with others in the fleet and be motivated by the positive feedback," says Hanspeter Wepfer.

"So you want to display the data on your existing computer system? Hanspeter Wepfer clarifies the needs with a potential customer. "This is possible via interfaces," he adds. The open-plan office of the Fleet Management Team is the quietest in the entire KYBURZ operation. The occasional rustling of paper covers the continuous clicking of computer mice. There are specialists at work! Data is analysed, converted and made available for interfaces. A frontend designer designs interfaces and makes the huge amount of data easy and quick to read using graphics.

The KYBURZ Fleet Management System is a decisive aid in making efficient use of a vehicle fleet. Economical vehicle operation also leads to an ecological gain.

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