Finnland Post mit DXP, PAH und eTrolley

"POSTI" goes for KYBURZ: the Finnish post uses different KYBURZ vehicles

"I won't return my precious after the test!" - The Finnish postman's reaction to the KYBURZ eTrolley is unmistakable. Meanwhile eTrolleys and DXP from KYBURZ are in regular use at Posti.

“The KYBURZ vehicles are very manoeuvrable and have very good driving characteristics with studded tires on ice and snow.“

Finland, the land of lakes, endless forests, reindeers and salmons, loneliness and the taciturn population. We have this imagination in our heads.  Contrary to our expectations, a large part of the Finnish population lives and works in and around the large cities in the south of the country and relies on reliable postal delivery.

Replacement for mopeds, scooters and ATVs
"The KYBURZ vehicles are very manoeuvrable and have very good driving characteristics with studded tires on ice and snow," says Kari Tuomola, Asset Manager. He attended the test of the Finnish Post "Posti" and is responsible for the Swiss electric vehicles in the far north. "KYBURZ vehicles are substituting old mopeds and scooters, ATVs, a lot of bicycles and some delivery vans," he says proudly.

The initial scepticism of the delivery staff has given way to enthusiasm: The eTrolley is titled "my precious" and "With the DXP I can reach the mailboxes as easy as by bicycle - and always better than by car," they say. The transport of bundles of mail to streetcorner boxes alongside the delivery route for reloading delivery vehicles are largely eliminated thanks to the large loading capacity of both the eTrolley and the DXP.

450 KYBURZ vehicles for Finland
More than 450 KYBURZ vehicles had been delivered from the Zurich area to Finland by the end of July 2018.

"We didn't have any accidents at work or in traffic during the test phase, nor did we have any technical breakdowns," Kari recalls. KYBURZ wishes a safe journey and efficient work. So Kari and his staff will soon be able to enjoy their holidays in silence in the summer cottage by the lake among the woods fishing...

Finnischer Pöstler mit dem KYBURZ eTrolley