autonomes Postfach auf der Strasse vor einem Haus

Buddy Mobility builds on KYBURZ technology

The Norwegian company Buddy Mobility is working with well-known partners to expand its last mile services and make letter and parcel delivery more flexible, reliable and sustainable. KYBURZ Switzerland contributes the chassis and technology for autonomous driving to the delivery robot.

Ein Kunde wirt Post in das mobile Postfach ein.

Buddy Mobility's concept is based on an autonomous letter and parcel vehicle. This robot drives independently to the customers and contacts them via smartphone. Customers can then pick up their mail and post letters and parcels.

The robot autonomously finds its way to the destination, evades obstacles and can also be used in snow.

First tests in Kongsberg near Oslo/Norway
The autonomous eTrolley III was granted official approval for on-road testing in Kongsberg (Norway) under specific boundary conditions. Testing has commenced as of Fall 2018.

"At Posten, we have set ourselves high goals for driving innovation forward and using new technologies. Self-propelled technology is not science fiction, but reality. We look forward to many exciting applications," said Tone Wille, CEO of the Norwegian Post.

The new robot will be able to partially replace the mailbox as we know it today.

Communication via Smartphone
The customers are informed about letters and parcels via smartphone. The robot sends an SMS to the customer with a code that allows them to retrieve and remove their own mail.

The robot returns in the evening and is filled during the night with deliveries for the next day. The letter and parcel robot will be able to cover up to one hundred households.

Post's self-propelled letter and parcel robot is being developed by Buddy Mobility in collaboration with proven specialists. KYBURZ Switzerland is responsible for the chassis and the technology for autonomous driving.